The question I was most often asked during 2012…


The question I was most often asked during 2012 was about Happiness.
I noticed, especially during 2012, that the readings I did all had the same theme: happiness. The most often asked question last year had to do with happiness: do you see me being happy in my future? Will I ever be happy again? How do I get happy?

I don’t usually remember the information I deliver to clients – because it’s coming from my guides and not me – but occasionally something sticks and it usually has something to do with getting to our happy place.

Why is being happy so important?
I’ve learned from my guides that our purpose on earth is to raise the vibration and we do this by living in joy. It’s as simple – or complicated – as that. How can living in joy and happiness raise the vibration of earth? When you are happy – truly happy – you shine; your light is bright for all to see; you radiate happiness and love and joy. Others see this and are attracted to it and want to live like that too. It all starts with you, then moves to others in your home, then your street, your community, your city and so on and so forth until we’re all living in that light.

Ok, so how do we get happy?
Many people are confused about happiness and look outside of themselves for the happy feeling. Some believe happiness comes from material possessions; others believe it’s something that alludes them now but can be achieved later – when they loose weight, get their dream job or meet a partner.

The truth is: happiness is a state of being that comes from within.

I noticed a pattern during my readings where my clients were being guided to get creative and participate in right brain activities. I heard myself sharing this information over and over and saw the look of confusion on my client’s faces – especially the ones who were adamant they weren’t creative and had no desire to be creative. Yet they were still being guided to try something right-brained.

I asked my guides for clarification and they explained how most of us spend our lives in our left brain going along with life and making choices based on logic. Then they showed me both worlds: The left-brained side appeared dull and boring – even predictable; whereas the right-brained side appeared exciting, colourful, joyful even euphoric. They explained how the right-brained side – the euphoric side – is how we live in Heaven – hence the term “as above so below” and “Heaven on Earth”. When we are in our right brains we are directly connected to Heaven; to our Source; to All That Is. Not only do we feel good but we are better able to understand the guidance we receive and what to do with it. We receive creative solutions and ideas to things that seemed problematic while we’re in our left brain selves. We’re receptive and we’re open.

The key to finding happiness in your life:
Do something every day that makes you happy; something that makes your heart sing.

Not sure what makes you happy?
You don’t have to be creative to try or to participate in a right-brained activity. Did you know walking in nature will get you there? Still not sure what to do? What types of activities did you do when you were a kid that you loved? Did you have any hobbies that got away from you? If you have absolutely no idea where to even start, might I suggest trying everything until you find something? There are so many options and what an exciting way to find your thing by trying them all out!

Here are some ideas:

  1. Play!
  2. Sing – remember you’re not trying out for a talent show – just sing along with your favourite artist or band.
  3. Dance. Dance around the house to your favourite music or take a class.
  4. Meditate. Meditation comes in many forms such as sitting quietly, walking in nature, walking a labyrinth, tracing a hand-held labyrinth, listening to meditation music, playing an instrument, a hot bath, just being. The goal of meditation is to quiet your mind so do whatever works for you.
  5. Daydream!
  6. Music. Play an instrument or listen to your favourite music.
  7. Paint. Get a canvas and some paint and brushes and go to it. It doesn’t have to be a work of art, just a release and a way to have fun. Take a class: there are drop in classes in the city – find one that works for you. Better yet, invite some friends along for a fun night out! Something else to try: fill your brush with paint and throw it at the canvas: see what happens!
  8. Draw. Doodle – let your inner cartoonist out to play!
  9. Bake. Cook.
  10. Knit or Crochet. Make a scarf for someone at a homeless shelter.
  11. Photography. Grab your camera and go for a walk. Take pictures of anything and everything. Allow yourself to be in the moment.
  12. Pottery. Take a pottery class or visit a clay/pottery shop where you can paint/decorate your own piece.
  13. Write. Automatic writing is a GREAT way to get into your right brain. Commit yourself to a program like the Artist’s Way or set a specific time every day (10 minutes every morning or night) to automatic write which means write whatever comes to mind. If nothing comes to mind then write that: “nothing is coming to mind. This is stupid. Blah, blah, blah.” The important thing is to write everyday.
  14. Sports: running, jogging, walking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, tubing, sliding, swimming…
  15. Yoga, Tai-Chi, Q-Gong
  16. Volunteer: Help others! If you love animals then spend time volunteering or fostering for the Humane Society or SPCA. Love helping elderly people or children? Why not volunteer to be a companion at a retirement residence – they’re always looking for people to visit the seniors. Or maybe you could read to a sick child at CHEO or your local children’s hospital?
  17. Read. Read your favourite book or books from your favourite author.
  18. Movie. Watch your favourite movie. Watch a funny movie or TV show.

Remember that balance is important. Find the right balance of left and right brained activities that work best for you and keep in mind that everyone is unique so what may work for you may not work for someone else. Honour and trust this above all else!




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