coco beach pier, fl
Coco Beach, Florida, November 2008. © Wanda Quinn

Faith is believing what you can’t see. Faith goes hand in hand with trust, peace, and freedom. To be truly free and have peace is to trust and have FAITH that God is taking care of you and you are exactly where you’re meant to be right now. The exact size, shape, job, relationship, situation…

To have full faith is akin to being a child and believing you are being taken care of.

Remember that feeling as a kid, you had no worries or cares. You knew your parents were taking care of you and you felt safe and loved. That’s where we need to go now, as adults. Have child-like innocence, once again. Have faith that God is taking care of everything and we’re free to feel safe and loved again.

Change comes from chaos.

It’s not easy, especially when we’re being bombarded by news of a declining economy and a recession looming above us, like a huge dark cloud. But change always comes from chaos. So, we have to go through some conflict, some chaos, some unsteady times, to come out the other side to change. Change is always a good thing. Keeps us fresh and growing. What good could possibly come from thousands of people loosing their jobs? Losing their homes? Well, for starters, people will slow down. Hopefully take time to look at their life, where they’ve been, where they are now and where they would like to be. They’ll see what’s truly important. Working long hours to make partner or get the corner office or make another $50,000 a year, will suddenly seem less important than making their son’s baseball game, watching their daughter’s ballet recital, eating supper with their family, spending quality time with their family, spending time with their spouse, getting to know and rekindle their relationship with their loved ones.

Remember the Mayan calendar and 2012. In order for us to achieve that new consciousness, we need to go through a lot of changes. They way we do business, the type of businesses we’re running. It’s all going to change. There will be more and more people working for themselves, being their own bosses, setting their own timelines. You’ll most likely notice a lot more “Mom and Pop” shops popping up and a lot less “box-type” stores.

Just for today…feel like a kid again. Sit on a swing, eat some cotton candy!

So try, just for today, to feel like a kid again. Go for a run in the park. Sit on a swing, eat some cotton candy! Do something fun and impulsive. Then take a moment to thank God for who you are and where you are. And thank him for making you feel so safe and loved. Then feel safe and loved! And have faith that everything is OK in your world.

I’m heading to Disney World in Orlando today. I’ve never been and I figure it’s high time. I feel like a little kid inside, excited about meeting Mickey Mouse and my favorite, Pluto! Of riding on all the amazing rides. Of feeling like a kid again and letting go of all the adult worries that drag us down! I can’t wait!



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