Coming out of the closet … the spiritual closet that is!

sunset from Manua kea summit, hawaii
Photo Caption: The view from Mauna Kea Summit, November 2008. Photo Credit: June Quinn

Coming out of the spiritual closet! Funny. Most of my family and my close friends know about my new spiritual beliefs and new found happiness. It wasn’t a big shock to them, because they noticed how different I had become. I was happy! All the time!! They knew something was up, and I’ve always been “religious” so following a spiritual path wasn’t a big shocker!

Now, going to Hawaii to become a certified Angel Therapy Practioner® was a surprise for everyone! Not something I would usually do! : ) I blogged about my experience in Hawaii, so if you’re interested in reading about my adventures here are the links: Leg One ~ Hawaii and Leg Two ~ Cruise/Florida.

Since I’ve been back from “angel camp” in November 2008, I’ve been getting a very strong repetitive message from my angels and spirit guides, and ascended masters and deceased loved ones (the list just keeps getting longer and longer!) The message is one word: WRITE.


WRITE. Write what? Just write. So I’ve been journaling off and on. I started writing a story. I’ve written material that could be compiled for articles. But I still kept getting the message: WRITE. So, during a meditation one day, I asked again, write what and the idea for the blog came to me. So, with faith and trust that they’ll provide the topics for me to write about, here is my blog. I hope you find healing from it. And, thanks for reading!


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